While our gun ranges are open to the public our main focus is training. Our company provides a number of firearms training and education courses to individuals who wish to learn how to safely and effectively use firearms. Our training courses are designed for people of different skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters.

We offer a number of specialized courses for advanced shooters, law enforcement and military personnel, as well as self-defense courses for civilians. These courses are designed to teach individuals how to use firearms in high-pressure situations and  focus on tactics and strategies for responding to threats.

We prioritize safety and provide a safe and controlled environment for individuals to practice shooting. Our certified instructors work with students to teach them proper gun handling techniques, marksmanship, and gun safety. Additionally, all of our instructors are certified range safety officers to ensure that all shooters follow proper safety procedures.


Basic firearms courses are designed to teach beginners the fundamental skills and knowledge required to handle firearms safely and competently. These courses cover topics such as firearm safety rules, firearms terminology, firearm components, ammunition types, shooting stances, sight alignment, and trigger control. These courses will include range time, where students get hands-on experience shooting firearms under the supervision of a trained instructor.

Advanced firearms courses are intended for experienced gun owners who want to enhance their skills and knowledge beyond the basics. These courses cover more advanced shooting concepts and techniques, such as shooting while moving, shooting from different positions, shooting at moving targets, and shooting under stress. They also cover tactics and the warrior mindset. 

Both our basic and advanced firearms courses are taught by experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in firearm safety and operation. Students in both types of classes should expect to spend a significant amount of time learning about the importance of firearm safety and the potential consequences of mishandling a firearm. RANGE COURSES CLICK HERE


$20/day per adult and youth 12yrs and older accompanied by a paying adult are $10/day. With the daily pass you will be able to utilize our 25yd pistol bay or 100 yd rifle range. (Targets are not included and targets must be purchased from Rabbit Ridge Outpost)

Skeet is also available for 25 TARGET MINIMUM Per Person at .40 Per Clay Target.

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Located at 1251 Rabbit Ridge Rd Ararat, VA 24053 our range and classroom is conveniently located right outside Mt Airy, NC we are able to service Surry, Stokes, Rockingham, and all North Carolina Counties as well as Patrick, Henry, Floyd, Carroll, and all counties in Virginia! Rabbit Ridge Gun Range and Outpost, a division of Reese Firearms, concealed carry classes are taught on site in the Outpost with the gun range a few yards from the classroom. We are a veteran-owned and operated business that offers NC and VA Concealed Carry Classes, other firearm training, and range rental is available to the public.

Rabbit Ridge Gun Range and Outpost teaches a North Carolina or Virginia approved Concealed Carry Class. Since this is a North Carolina or Virginia state-approved class, once students complete the required instruction and range time (range required for NC only) they will then be able to apply for their permit in any county in North Carolina or Virginia where they reside. Take the class today, apply for your concealed carry permit tomorrow!


GRAND OPENING SPECIAL North Carolina Concealed Carry class is $50 using your own gun and ammo or $75 using our gun and ammo.

Virginia Concealed Carry Class is a $25 one hour Pistol Level I class where range time is recommended but not required.

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Rabbit Ridge Gun Range and Outpost is a division of Reese Firearms. Reese Firearms is a veteran-owned and operated business. 

Founded in 2012 Reese Firearms is proud to have helped the residents of North Carolina and Virginia better protect themselves, their families, and others for 10 years!